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Our Boutique offers a hand-crafted selection of my favorite products from my most beloved brands. As the Founder of DELCÂ, I take pride in hand-selecting each item in our collection, ensuring that only the very best make it to our boutique.

I believe that fashion, design, cuisine and self-care are all powerful forms of self-expression, and I want to help our customers feel confident and empowered.

Whether you’re looking for clean skincare products to elevate your 5-step routine, beautiful pieces to add to your kitchen or wardrobe, or a healthy culinary reset to awaken your tastebuds, our exclusive collection of items from will inspire and delight you.

Cassie De Pecol


Exclusive COllection

Curated Items From Our Favorite Brands

PURA Botanicals was founded to protect women’s health and elevate the beauty ritual by providing the purest, most luxurious and high-performance skincare, body care and natural fragrances crafted at our pristine in-house lab. PURA ignites the passion for self-love and elevates highly efficacious, all-natural skincare to dreamy soul-care. 

DELCÂ Signature PURA Glow Ritual
Shop Cassie’s curated skincare picks from PURA Botanicals which includes four of her favourite, full sized potions for a complete daily ritual – The Countless Cleansing Nectar, Princess Clementine Lite, Ambriosia Beautifying Serum and Neroli Eye Ritual. This skincare set also includes a gorgeous linen bag for storing your skincare potions at home or on the road. 


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Discover your best body.

This science-backed program is meticulously designed to maximize plant variety for optimum gut health and overall wellness. This Reset includes organic ceremonial matcha, lunches, dinners, and high-protein snacks for Monday to Friday. Everything is fully cooked and can be heated in less than five minutes with a stove or microwave. The menu is entirely free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. For customers outside of California, you’ll receive your Reset by 1 PM on Monday via FedEx. 

$335 – $445

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soil baker

One of the key aspects of our design philosophy, is the collaborative effort among ceramists, designers, and chefs, resulting in a diverse range of interpretations. Each piece of our ceramic collection is thoughtfully designed, taking into account its functionality, aesthetics, and adaptability to various culinary presentations. As Soilbaker continues to grow, our commitment remains steadfast in elevating the dining experience by offering visually stunning and practical ceramic tableware that enhances both the art of plating and the joy of sharing a meal.

Our products are also designed and manufactured with professionals in mind, specifically catering to high-volume restaurants and hotels. Soilbaker ceramics not only elevate dishes but also possess the durability needed to withstand the rigors of a busy establishment. Our ceramics can be found in hotels, restaurants, and selected stores worldwide, including Hue 135 in Seoul, Jeju Noodle Bar in New York, Roka Dubai, Richoux in London, and many more.
Soilbaker ceramics are fired using traditional techniques upon the age-old craftsmanship of Yeoju, South Korea, where ceramics have been made for over a thousand years. Human hands are involved in every step of our production; each piece is hand-finished and, as such, imperfect and one-of-a-kind.
Crumbs, where sustainability and sophistication unite. Crafted with grogged clay and recycled ceramics, each piece embodies our commitment to reducing waste and caring for the planet with its textured, rough surface and neutral tone.
There are six pices in this set;
Appetizer Plate | Dinner Plante
Pinch Bowl (condiments, sauces, etc.) | Small Bowl (appetizers, porrage, etc.)
Salad Bowl | Pasta Bowl


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Palma Gown

Bronx and Banco | $1,100

Flow into summer in this effortless summer gown, perfect for beach gatherings and summer events.

Launched in 2009, Bronx and Banco encapsulates a sophisticated, chic and sexy design signature with a playful sensibility that reflects the impeccable style of the label’s Founder and Creative Director, Natalie DeBanco. 

Vikee Slide

Isabel Marant | $660

Isabel Marant showcases an affinity for sleek styling with the Vikee slide made from leather.

The pioneer spirit – During the brand’s early days, a unique silhouette is born: the contemporary Parisian girl. Products that became iconic, simple yet effective. The brand is ahead of its time, with an outsider state of mind, always a bit off the road.

Tulum Dress

Just BEE Queen | $635

If this doesn’t scream old money Hamptons chic, we don’t know what does. 

Mother-daughter duo Maria and Sydney Strauss take permanent vacation to a new level with their resort-wear brand Just Bee Queen. The brand effortlessly pairs Cuban culture with Hispanic flare to create high-end pieces.

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