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When Is Your First Retreat?

Our first domestic retreat will take place over the course of New Years 2023/24, and our first international retreat will take place in Bhutan in June of 2024. You can learn more by visiting our retreats section.


Why Are Your Retreats Expensive?

We pride ourselves in offering quality, unique, elusive and exclusive retreats tailored to each individuals needs and desires. We are detail oriented and only choose the best of properties around the world. Our retreats are unlike any other.


What Memberships Do You Offer?

We offer Silver ($180/year), Gold ($600/year) and Platinum ($1,500/year). All of our memberships offer various virtual items as well as access to our exclusive community, and discounts. 


Are You Hiring?

We are currently hiring for a team of driven individuals whos values match those of DELCÂ. If you think you could bring DELCÂ to the next level in sales, marketing, tech and growth, send us an e-mail with your experience and CV.