Our Founder


We are driven by an unwavering passion to empower women to achieve unprecedented heights of success and self-discovery. Our esteemed founder’s remarkable journey, characterized by a resolute spirit and indomitable will in the face of adversity, serves as a guiding light for women worldwide. Our mission is to equip women with the tools, resources, and support they need to redefine what is possible, for themselves and for the world. With a commitment to excellence, beauty and sophistication, and a steadfast belief in the limitless potential of women, we stand at the forefront of a new era of female empowerment. Join us, and together, we will help you unleash your true power and achieve unparalleled success.


Cassandra De Pecol

Her Story

Cassandra is an accomplished World Traveler, Author, Speaker, Award-Nominated Podcast Host and Entrepreneur, who has triumphed over tremendous challenges and accomplished extraordinary feats.

Despite Cassandra’s numerous achievements, she experienced enormous emotional challenges with bullying, nuisance lawsuits and relationship hardships that brought her to experience depression, unhealthy habits, and disillusionment.

She understood that these setbacks were an opportunity for personal growth, and instead of giving up, she implemented various strategies of empowerment, inspiration and action to redefine herself and share her wisdom to help women become a better version of themselves.

Cassandra developed DELCÂ as a platform to provide an unparalleled wellness experience for accomplished women, creating a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a common pursuit of enlightenment. It is a cumulation of all of her life experiences in hospitality, travel, wellness and fitness. Through a comprehensive program that delves into the psychology of motivation and personal growth, Cassandra guides participants on a transformative journey towards their goals, to adjust, enhance, or even redefine their objectives, and empowering them to rise above adversity and unlock their true potential for happiness and fulfillment.

World Record Traveler

Two World Records

In 2017, Cassandra broke one Guinness World Record and set another, for ‘Fastest Person’ and ‘Fastest Female’ to Travel to All Sovereign Countries. She also made history as the first woman to travel every country in the fastest time overall.

Her travels took several years to plan and 18 months and 10 days to execute. Her philanthropic mission was focused on regenerative and sustainable travel, peace through tourism and women’s empowerment.

She spoke to over 16,000 students, planted trees and collected water samples around the world to test for microplastics.

Ironman Athlete

Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 + 140.6

Having completed her goal of finishing a full 140.6 mile Ironman distance race by the age of 30, Cassandra has also competed in dozens of Ironman 70.3 triathlons on five continents, as well as Olympic and Sprint distance triathlons.

Her triathlon journey began at the age of 15 when she started training for her first local sprint triathlon. An advocate for women in triathlon, Cassandra has always pushed the boundaries of he capabilities in the sport, whilst encouraging other women to do the same.


Naked & Afraid


As a participant on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid in 2014, Cassandra survived 21 days naked in the Panamanian Jungle with three other strangers. She had to fight for her survival, sourcing food, water and shelter for the full 21 days. It was during her darkest moments at this time, that Cassandra conceived her plan to travel every country in the world.

This was also the first time in her life when she decided to acknowledge her crippling anxiety and depression, and decide to do something about it. Through the ill-treatment of her peers, a spiritual awakening had transpired within, which she then later channeled into the inner workings of DELCÂ.


Branding & Media


For the greater part of fifteen yers, Cassandra has honed her skills in branding and media, launching Elevatxd as a result. A full service bespoke brand agency, Elevatxd offers small to medium business owners and future owners, the opportunity to launch their brand in a timeless, fast, and cost-effective fashion. 

The attention to detail, from the DELCÂ newsletter, to our social landscape, blog, thought-provoking podcast and transformative retreats, are a result of years of creative expression through experience in modern design, media and development that Cassandra has taught herself extensively.

Luxury Hospitality & Culinary


Cassandra spent the majority of her twenties and early thirties touring luxury hotels around the world and advising them on best practices for implementing luxury and sustainability. Her experience in the field of elite property design and marketing as well as having a keen eye on the details, has allowed her to work with prominent luxury hotels around the world.

After her travels, Cassandra developed recipes rich in flavor based on the worldly cuisine she savored around the globe, adding her own nutritional touch. Having dined in Michelin Star restaurants and members’ clubs around the world, her fine taste in cuisine flourished. The menus for our domestic retreats have been curated by Cassandra’s unparalleled taste in fine foods, with a focus on health and flavor.