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Elevate every aspect of your life with our comprehensive array of services for our DELCÂ Members; including Exclusive Membership Privilages, Luxury Retreats, Curated Boutique, eBooks, Private Instagram Community, Access to Private Social Clubs, and more.

We also share the latest trends in Health, Beauty and Wellness through out Community Newsletter, Thoughtful Blog, and Engaging Podcast.



Indulge in the pinnacle of exclusivity with our meticulously crafted membership tiers, each offering monthly and annual eBooks, curated travel and wellness guides, exclusive discounts on our transformative retreats, welcome gifts, personal wellness plans, and coveted access to our members-only community.



Discover a world of unparalleled luxury and exclusivity with our elite privileges, available to members of our Platinum Tier and above, offering expedited access to prestigious membership houses and services, bespoke lifestyle management, exclusive discounts on the world’s finest products and services, invitation-only to private events, tailored experience planning, and a wealth of additional amenities to elevate every aspect of your life.



Embark on a journey of revitalization with our luxurious and transformative seasonal retreats. Four exquisite domestic destinations and two international havens, all meticulously designed to foster rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and revival, tailored exclusively for high-value individuals committed to becoming the best version of themselves. We are confident that you’ll build lifelong friendships as well as friends who will keep you motivated and hold you accountable for your goals.



The DELCÂ Community is a group of independent, strong and high-value like-minded individuals. Our overarching purpose is the same; to embrace our hero and heroine’s journey and commit ourselves to our purpose and legacy. We embrace our strength and believe in the power of growth through developing fruitful connections. Our monthly newsletter encourages growth through our inspirational tidbits.



We take time to research the various trends and industries, to share with you a blog that we’re proud of, with recommendations we love. From home decor to food and cuisine, from wellness, fitness and better health tips to travel and journey recommendations. From beauty and makeup to personal and home style, fitness to nutrtion, we do the research for you, to read all in one place.



 In the DELCÂ Life Podcast, join Host and Founder of DELCÂ, Cassie De Pecol, as she engages in dynamic conversations with thought leaders, catalysts of change, and pioneers in various fields. This podcast explores the power of transforming established frameworks and sparking innovative discussions. Prepare to embark on an inspiring voyage where established norms are fearlessly challenged, unlocking exhilarating insights and fostering dynamic exchanges that push boundaries and ignite fresh ideas.



We are excited at the opportunity for our DELCÂ Members to connect in-person and we are currently working on launching events with our first round being based in the Los Angeles area. Our events include; cocktail hour, painting in nature, yoga on the beach, ocean swims, book club, sunset picnics, run club, creative hour, and so much more. Be sure to subscribe below to be notified when we launch!



We’re a very new platform and we want for our community to continually blossom and support individuals from all walks of life on their journeys to a more profound, engaged, and confident self. Elevate your travel experience to new heights with our team of expert travel consultants, who specialize in crafting bespoke journeys tailored to your unique desires and preferences, whether you seek the ultimate in luxury accommodations at exclusive hotels, resorts, private islands, and estates, or seek adventure in exciting city scapes and idyllic beach breaks – with DELCÂ, every travel experience will be nothing short of extraordinary. 

The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

– Amelia Earhart